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I embarked on my path to becoming a Professional Dog Groomer at the age of 13, getting involved in showing Cocker Spaniels, a breed requiring a high degree of presentation skills, only attainable by hard work, dedication and years of learning hands-on.
Attending dog shows over the next 30+ years exposed me to many different breeds and their varying styling techniques, learning from the experts of their breeds.  Starting in business at 19, after getting some training at Manchester’s “The Dog House” (pre-City & Guilds!) and I have been grooming continuously since then, building up a very loyal clientelle.  This lengthy experience and the eye for detail learnt from the dog showing hobby allowed me to transfer these skills to my business, and has given me a unique and deep understanding of dog behaviour and handling.
My Own Dogs
Achieved many high honours over the years with 9 UK homebred Champions, a Crufts Best of Breed and Champions in America, Canada, Finland and Spain.  I have also had the honour of judging my two breeds, Cocker Spaniels and Clumber Spaniels at the highest level, including Cruft’s and Breed Club Speciality.  I have in the past given grooming demonstrations for these two breeds.